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Use coupon code LEARN to get 80% OFF
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What you'll learn

  • Pdf Reader Course Set up ui and ListView
  • Setting Up Persmissions Loading Data and Reading FIles
  • Implementing Pdf View, Displaying Pdf, Features Bar
  • Implementing Item Selection and Background Colors
  • Fixing Bugs, Implementing Rename and Delete Features


Android development is one of the hottest topics to learn. With a single app, you can create a worldwide product. With its fast evolution, a studio for Android development was created. This is where Android Studio came into the picture. With time-saving features, learning the Android Studio is essential to becoming a good Android developer. There are some amazing resources out there to learn Java and XML, however, there aren't many resources out there to teach you this amazing software. 

Welcome to this Android Apps Development Course. If you want to learn Android Apps development from scratch, then this is the course for you. Get Enrolled! Start building your own app on Android!!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to build Real World Android App
  • Anyone who wants to become an Android apps developer
  • Anyone who wants to work on a IT Company as an Android Apps Developer

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