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Upto 90% OFF on All Courses
Valid till 31st Dec 2022

What you'll learn

  • Android Studio Drawing App Course, Creating UI and PaintView
  • Finishing the PaintView Class
  • Clear Drawing, BrushSize and BrushColor Features


In this course, you will learn everything about Drawing Apps, even if you've never built one before!

The full course is divided into several chapters. Each chapter will give you a new level of knowledge in Android development. We'll start from the basics of Drawing App development to more advanced and the most popular techniques and features used nowadays.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for programmers who are interesting to build Android apps.

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Hey, I’m Meisam Mansourzadeh. I started teaching a few years ago, I have more than 10,000 students and most of them seems to be happy with my teachings. I have created tens of android applications and it’s a year now that I’m passionate about teaching what I know to others. It’s a dream come true.

I have a complete course for android app development for about 100 hours and I’m creating new courses. The topics that you can expect to be published soon are: Java, Kotlin, Flutter and Firebase.

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