1. What is the benefit for me to learn in IT Expert Training rather learning on other platform ?

IT Expert Training is an online platform hosted courses specified to the learning path of high demand technologies. This will help you to focus on your learning curve.

2. What is the validity period for the courses purchased ?

If you've bought paid course in ITEXPERTTRAINING and having a fear of validity of the course access, then our response will make you happy that all courses in IT Expert Training will have life-time access.

3. What if I wanted to have refund ?

Yes, we have 30 days moneyback guarantee for all the courses purchased in our portal.

Note: Make sure courses which are purchased during the festive seasons will not be at the same price when you try to purchase later.

4. What are the mode of payments accepted in ITET ?

IT Expert Training do accept all mode of payments (UPI, NetBanking, Credit/Debit Card, Bank Tranfer)

5. Can I share the courses I Like to my friends and collegues ?

Yes, you can join the IT Expert Training Affiliate program to get a special referral link and share them to your known circle and get paid for the love you shared.

6. What are the Major Categories ITET is focusing on ?

ITET majorly focus on the value driven technologies for the future. Technology that are in demand during 2025.Technologies such as Cybersecurity, AI, Python, Robotics, Machine Learning, Ethical Hacking, Mobile App Development and so on. Lot more to come stay tuned and happy learning.


1. Is there any career scope for python developers on 2025 ?

Career scope for Python Developers are increasing trmendously every year in India and Worldwide. Nowadays Python is the highly needed programmer language in Information Technology Industry. The Freelancing and Job openings opportunities will get boom and the demand for Python developers will be sky rocketing on 2025.

2. How the E-Learning Portals helps the beginners to learn IT Courses and get certified easily ?

Comparing to classroom tutorials the E-Learning portals are stands vital role to simplify the learning process and providing simply understandable video lecture by industry experts to the Beginners who wants to start their career in IT Industry. Also, they provide lifetime course access and certificationon completion to the Students, Beginners and Intermediates.

3. Is Android will replace the Windows on 2025 ?

In earlier 2012 the percentage of Media usage of Desktop users was higher than Media usage of Mobile Phone users. Now the trend was totally changed. The Media users through Mobile was increased higher than Desktop Media users. So, the users using Android is much higher than Windows users in 2020. This percentage will get increased and the percentage of Android users will get boom on 2025.

4. How much minimum and maximum salary that Android developers will get on 2021 ?

The entry level Android Developer will get around 3,00,000 per annum. The Mid-Level Android Developer will get around 9,00,000 per annum and the Senior Level Android Developers will get around 15,00,000 per annum in India on 2021. Depend upon the size of the organizations it may differ.

5. What is the best way to learn IoT in India on 2021 ?

The best way to learn Internet of Things (IoT) is to learn through the various E-Learning Portals who are teaching IoT Certification Courses through Video Lectures by best experienced industry experts. Also, these E-Learning portals who providing online IoT Tutorial with lifetime course access and certification on completion. comparing to offline IoT certification courses which offered by Training Institutes, the E-Learning portals are the best choice to beginners who want to start their career in IoT in India. Costwise aswell E-Learning Portals are recommended way to learn and get certified in IoT on the year 2021.

7. Is Robotics Certification recommended for school students ?

Yes, the Robotics Certification through either online and offline are strongly recommended for school students. Robotics Certification is an practical and the creative learning course for the school students. From Robotics Certifications students who can enrich their Trending Technology skills and knowledge. Also there is the very big career scopeis waiting for them on the year 2025. While they learning the Robotics through E-Learning Portals, they can understand the video lectures easily compare than Offline Lectures. Also, the E-Learning Robotics courses are very cheaper than Offline Certification courses by reputed educational institutions. So, the students can easily learn how to make their own Robot.

8. Is Online Python Certification is worthy ?

Learning and get certifies in Python through E-Learning Portals is absolutely valuable and worthy. The way of learning Python through online is more easily understandable for the students compare than learning through the ancient offline modes. Nowadays lot of E-Learning portals who provide the Python Certifications in very low cost which the poor students can also afford.

6. How costly is the Ethical Hacking Certification in India ?

Offline Ethical Hacking Certification Courses by various reputed Education Instutions in India who charging from minimum Rs.10,000/- without lifetime course assistance. But, Lifetime Course Aaccess, Video Lecture and Certification on Completion provided by various E-Learning portals who costs from just Rs.999/-only.

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