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Upto 90% OFF on All Courses
Valid till 31st Dec 2022

What you'll learn

  • Full of hands-on instructions, interesting and illustrative examples, clear explanations
  • Learn Python from scratch ( no prior experience required ) - Take my course getting started with python for better understanding - Link :
  • Design and Implement scalable automation solutions using Python
  • Write your own Python Functions
  • Starting from scratch, build an expert level understanding of Python



Python Programming is immensely getting popular and this course serves as a foundation and covers basic concepts of Python for beginners. So If you are a beginner in Python and want to explore carrier in Python Programming, You are most welcome to enroll in this course and take your skills to the next level.

If you know Python already and just want to advance your skills, this course is an excellent source to refresh your Python knowledge quickly.

Who this course is for:

  • Aspirants seeking carrier in IT
  • IT Professionals to want to keep themselves updated with trending technology
  • Professionals who are planning to use Python for integrating/automate other products
  • Professionals who are planning to use Python for integrating/automate other products
  • Python beginners looking forward to enhance their skill by learning popular Python modules

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Muhammed Ilyas is the Founder & CEO of AltSense Pvt. Ltd offers training programs on advanced technologies such as IoT, 3-D Printing, AI & Machine. Learning, etc. using fun-filled, creative and innovative learning methods and also designs and manufactures products that can be used as a learning/testing tool in IoT and automation related projects.

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  • Great place to start learning automation. Glad we took the course and we seeing the difference now..

    very beautiful and easy understanable course.


    Nice teaching


    Good concept

    very useful course


    Great Video Content Hope. It will be helpful and some extra stuff added to it.


    excellent teaching

    Very nicely explained

    very important content . thanks for such sessions.

    Really good experience on python

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