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Become a Python Programmer in 14 days..!

This course will help you to understand the basic concepts of python and drives you to understand the deeper concepts with live examples and snippets. You will get trained in Basics first then Automation, Web Development, Computer vision, Software Development and Machine Learning concepts over this 14 Days.

6 Courses

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What You'll Learn

Getting Started with Python
Automation with Python
Web Development with Python
Computer Vision with Python
Software Development with python
Getting Started with Machine Learning

Meet our IT Expert Trainer

I’m Muhammed Ilyas your trainer for this program. I’m the CTO of TripleM, I have 9+ Years of experience in training students. I teach advance training programs such as IoT, AI, Robotics, Machine Learning. Python is base for all. Let’s get started with python and you will be getting more future trainings from my end. Enroll now..!

No need to fear coding, we will be doing real time scenarios..!! Keep in mind..! Learning Python is always Fun..!

Average salary of a python expert ranges from 3.85L to 20L

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Python - The Game Changer

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Our Learners Feedback



I can able to understand the python, which I thought was very difficult.



I appreciate the trainer for his simple way of teaching, I’m having 3x confidence on my coding



There is so much value provided on this price, Am happy that I have taken the offer. I completed all 4 courses now and it was well explained, Thanks Ilyas.



I got the pro support from the trainer which I feel very important while learning programming. ITET python mastery webinars are very useful to clarify my doubts.

Ravi Kumar


Thanks ITET and Muhammed Ilyas, with your course I learnt many advance concepts and it made me the give the confidence to switch my job with 3x salary hike.